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At Konstantilakis Law, we know that there are countless circumstances that can leave individual and commercial clients with overwhelming debt. Accordingly, each client needs a tailored legal strategy to help them eliminate debts and move forward to a stronger, more secure financial future. Our Peabody bankruptcy lawyer is ready with comprehensive solutions, helping you examine and resolve all aspects of your financial life so you can truly achieve a fresh start.

  • Why Is Our Peabody Bankruptcy Attorney Qualified to Help You?
  • Proven Experience – For more than a decade, our bankruptcy lawyer has provided clear and knowledgeable guidance to clients.
  • Client-Centered Service – We are committed to always being available to talk with you, providing the personable, responsive service you deserve as we craft a solution that’s custom-made for you.
  • Cost-Effective Counsel – Starting with a free consultation, we not only ensure that we are tailoring a legal strategy to your unique case, but we are also focused on accommodating your budget.

We can help you determine if Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or an alternative solution is right for you, and then we will work closely with you at each step until you reach financial freedom.

Take action now, and we can start helping you regain control of your financial situation. Our Peabody bankruptcy lawyer is ready to protect your assets and assert your legal rights at every step of your debt relief case. From fighting debt collector harassment and foreclosure proceedings to determining your eligibility and crafting a bankruptcy plan, we can help you find peace of mind and a way forward. Contact us today to start getting the answers and advice you deserve.

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